Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Little Update

Wow, using blogger seems weird right now. Haven't posted in a while

Nothing much has happened whilst i've been eloping with Tumblr.

I can't even remember where I left off. 

..checks last post

ahh yeah that photoshoot. That was fun but yeah I think I'll be back to regular posting within the next couple of weeks. Once my life gets kickstarted again. i.e I move back to London. I've had to take a year off from my menswear course @ LCF so I'm trying to sort out an internship at Wonderland Magazine aside of getting a job. 

Meanwhile, If anyone has been slowly transitioning to Tumblr or has one here are ALL mine.

I've been busy:

Black Culture & Black Women

Mostly Menswear & personal stuff

Womenswear (Work in Progress)

Hair really(work in progress)

Poetry & philosophy

& Twitter: Richardkolapo

Would be rude not to leave you with something so

Here's where I'm at with my hair at the moment:

& here's what I'm looking to move onto:

Yes! Roger from Sister Sister


Oh, is anyone going to LFW? I tried to apply but nothing through the post.