Thursday, 17 March 2011

Photo Booth Goues

I was feeling uninspired and tried to reverse it by doing something potentially creative. I was subconsciously  trying to channel Thierry Le Goues SOUL work but I think it's able to stand on it's lonesome too.

P.S I'm 100% wearing shorts

Friday, 11 March 2011

Stream Of Conscience Poetry

Untitled # 1

What I don't learn I don't know
What I don't speak I cant show
& therefore I can only be what I dare to confess
I only consist of things I succeed to express
In a wild world I found heaven was the only Place to call home
I never seen the grave but memories of black Blood and cemeteries seem to linger
In my thoughts.
I tell friends that foes can shoot at my flesh But they'll never
Take to my soul they'll never be renewed when They don't see the things of old
That brings the cold draft up into the hole, Into this abyss called life
Signs and wonders too clear to blunder, I said too clear to blunder
They're going to see before they hear like Thunder.

Thierry Le Goues

I've been  seeing Thierry Le Goues work for a long period of time and it has always caught my attention, not least because of it's appraisal of BLACK BEAUTY. I'd never taken the initiative to find out the name of the artist until I went to the library at London College Of Fashion and basically scanned the whole thing SOUL is his most recognised work.

He stands for much of what I stand for.