Thursday, 21 April 2011

Cameron Alexander - Stylist

Can't even remember how I found this 

website but I bookmarked it for the photography.

Now I've come back to realise he's a stylist. So heres some of his styling work.

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These photos are taken from A HOME WITH WILSON


& some womenswear styling below taken from STAND UP FOR CAREY PART TWO




& this is his website CAMERON ALEXANDER

Monday, 18 April 2011

Havana Latiffe- Stylist

Another stylist

Im going through a bit of a stylist Mad phase. I hope it lasts.

I find styling so interesting though because it actually takes all these separate looks and mixes them up in completely new way and you can create so many different looks etc. 

That sounded like I was in an interview. so scratch that.

Ignore that completely

Havana's work below

She doesn't create solely sportswear inspired looks so have a look at the rest of her work on the LEXPOSURE website. 

Saturday, 16 April 2011

New Camera + Some Photography

Yesterday at around 8:03 am I saw the CityLink van arriving at my halls to deliver my Canon EOS 550D DSLR camera.

Then at 8: 13am I went back to bed...for I was tired.

Then a couple hours later I woke up and unpackaged the whole thing charged it up, walked to Boots to buy a memory card and began wandering around Woolwich aimlessly taking photographs of the most banal subjects like discarded wood. 

That's not interesting.

But what IS a tiny bit more are these 1.6 & 6 sec. exposure shots I took in my all white bathroom against the mirror.

I'm gradually getting my head around aperture, IOS & Shutter speed which I gather is all about the LIGHT and the LENSE. In time hopefully I can present something fashion related or without my face in it

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Andreas kokkino-Stylist

Andreas Kokkino

I was looking for work by another stylist and found this guys work. Unfortunately his website isn't really that good. Somehow. The images are just too small.

Going through his portfolio it's mostly quite boring but some of the more more street wear concept based editorials he had we're more interesting.

He's based in New York. 

-Andreas Kokkino-

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I-D Magazine Scan In's

What I love most about scanning things in is how good the quality they come out. You can zoom in 400x and see all the coloured dots that make up magazine images.

Here's a few. Hopefully I'll have more to come

Hye Park-Model
Sophie looks Extra Terrestrial

Wow + Freckles

Reminds me of a girl I use to know


Braids worked for her

Sex (Appeal) Sells

It also means I have pictures on my laptop that others may not have as easy access to

Monday, 11 April 2011

Georgie Baddiel

It's been a long time since I've gone back to my original purpose for living (promoting black models) I guess I just moved on. Well, I'm back on it!

I was flicking through my pile of magazines or was I?
Can't remember but I found this absolute beauty of whose face I'm still deciding whether I prefer to Betty Adewole. I try not to be fickle sometimes but it never lasts.

Anyway here she is:

scanned by Nelia? Yeah thanks

Storm London

height: 5' 10" / 177.8 cm

bust: 32.5 

waist: 24.5" / 62.23 cm

hips:35.5" / 90.17 cm

shoes: 6

hair colour: Black

hair length: Short

eyes: Black

& The Rest

Ray Petri Wannabe

Quick post on a day when I actually did All Black and tried to secretly channel Ray Petri's work for The Face magazine


Sunday, 10 April 2011

Innovation Project

Recently, on my fashion design course we were given a project where we were told to be INNOVATIVE? Imagine?  Shouldn't we be doing so anyway? Enough rhetorical questions!

The Project was called 'The Shock of The New' you could either chose to be innovative or to shock. So people chose deformation, disease, transexuals etc. 

I chose Slavery as a theme. I was going to investigate how the modern black man ( business man)has lost his sense of purpose and has no grounding away from his roots in Africa. 


Linking pin stripes with whips and chains/cufflinks jewellery with the gold taken from Africa. Interesting? Non?

Colin (my tutor) thought it was a bit cliche
cliché but I knew my innovative approach would avoid that. I'd already bought £10 worth of rope so I'm not changing the design direction.

I also looked for coffee bean sacks to give a rough worn look but no luck in Soho in any of the coffee shops so I had to buy some brand new from The Cloth House.

We also had to do a photo shoot at the end which went so-so considering the amateur photographer (my cousin) and the facilities that were available (the great outdoors) 

so here's here's best three

Front View

Back View
& some extras

1/2 outfit 1/2 casuals

The Stylist/photographer/ Assistant/Cousin