Sunday, 10 October 2010

Fashion Illustration

Found some fashion Illustration on my Blogger USB (yes a USB for blogging). I collect so many images it just helps to keep things organised.

Bruno Frissoni + Eclectic Pallette

Givenchy? One of my favourite nonetheless

Bee Stung Lips

Romanctic + Vulnerable & Sinister

I've also developed some new interests like architecture and Fashion interiors so expect some new material.
Just remembered to say thanks to all the people that are following ColourlessChameleon I really appreciate as well as those who've taken the time to leave comments!

P.S Due to unforseen recent events I've decided to get an earing in my LEFT ear. Not the stud/or little diamond ones the small loop earrings a la Labrinth or Neyo. On the condition I get 20 followers.

This just keeps me motivated to keep at the blogging.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The Rest

All by Tommy Ton...

Shame about her little toe

Shoes with red soles!

Speak for themselves
Wonder who there by, hmmm


Pop! On the Wrist

3 Chains + Pallete

Probably my Favourite

Or these




Who are these by?

Tribal Futurism

Simple + Effective

Check out Tommy Tons blog Jak & Jill

Tommy Ton

The 25-year-old Toronto fashion know-it-all doesn't want to wear them. He wants to photograph them and post them on his Jak and Jil blog, which has, in six months, become a breakout hit with fashion enthusiasts around the world.

From small beginnings, he now boasts 25,000 page views a day.

-The Star

Some of the best street style photographs I've seen in a while bya photoblogger I found Vogue's (Uk) website!

His name is Tomy Ton and he has more photo's on his blog at Jak and Jil

Iv'e got loads so this my break up into three or so posts!

Skirt is amazing looks like it could be made from a colletion of designer belts


Balenciaga jacket! From my favourite collection by Ghequire

I love the heels + The socks and then the stance

Bad Ass Chic

This looks fresh from the pages of a magazine editorial

The Hair+The Hair+The Hair
Oh! and nice jacket

Photos taken from