Thursday, 28 July 2011

Mondrian-esque Style Post

So I used the black lines from one of Mondrians work to dictate the size of the photographs I took. I became very OCD with the cleanliness of the lines. Mondrian probably had the same problem as he was OCD as well. 

Generic frame hoody -Urban outfitters
Asos parka-Ebay
Perspex Frames -Ebay
Jeans - Osaka Tiger
Metal bracelet - Found on the street
Gold ring - Brick Lane
Puma Trainers - Rokit

Nothing special? If anything i need to get a tripod. They're only £10 on Ebay

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Ellie McDonald Portfolio Photoshoot

I was asked through a friend of a friend to help model for a CSM first years portfolio. Here are the results...

The last picture is probably my favourite. I hate that my bags are so prominent and my twists are a mess. Amongst other things but nonetheless it was a nice spontaneous photo shoot that came out pretty decent. Non?

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Black Women Or Die

This deserves it's own post.

It speaks Volumes. Non?

(Double-click for a bigger picture)

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

#More Scanning

I photocopied these from a book in my Uni library (Ravensbourne) but I can't remember what book it was. 

Yeah, It's really starting to really get to me.


I'm wondering why at this point I didn't opt to save the title in my phones memo pad instead of on a scar piece of paper that I later tore in half to use as a bookmark on several occasions.

If you've seen them before or seen anything similar definitely let me know. Also if you double click you can get a really big clear picture in high-quality...that's the beauty of scanning


Set The Tone

But how cool is this video ..I actually think the best word for it is COOL

like... 'informal fashionably attractive or impressive I always wore sunglasses to look cool

Here's the LINK

It's on Vimeo