Monday, 23 May 2011

Brick Lane x Street Style

Last week Sunday i attempted to sell some clothes on brick lane by the side of the road.

I was undecided as to whether to go or not. Partly due to my laziness band also I'd never been to Brick Lane on a Sunday when the sun wasn't out.

Above pictures is the stuff i was selling one guy wanted the Stussy  t-shirt for  £1

I was literally obsessed with this woman

Why didn't she ask me for directions?

Look at the cyclist NOT the essex girls

I'll start cropping out these picture invaders...what are they doing on my camera?
The Wedges

Just about caught them. That's my photographer Ntando Brown in the red baseball jacket adding some colour to the photograph. More from him soon. 

Faux Intellectual

I even tweeted about her. I pray she graces 'our' presence once more. (Our being humans)

Damn Auto-Focus
My New (£40) Creps

All Pink Crep Check

It's not all Bread & Roses ....Trust me

Nu Brand Flexxx..swear down swear down

Please note how the background is blurred and the subject is in focus. I'm improving

Brick Lane Jimi
Anyhow i made sum total of £10 selling some deck shoes however I took my camera so it wasn't a complete waste.

It was quite eventful day, as you can imagine when your indulging in illegal activity.

People did show interest though! My prices were just more high street than  squat student trying to make a couple £$ to buy some coke

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Contributing Editor may 2011

Stunning model Sessilee Lopez wows in a colorful, tribal-inspired shoot for Contributing Editor’s May 2011 issue.
Photographed by Tetsuharu Kubota, Lopez rocks her hair in a bold and fiery updo drawing attention to her striking features enhanced with vivid blue, pink and white face paint.

Texture + Colour

The prints + Accessorising


Summer Florals

My Favourite  for Colour (clothes+skin), Make-Up Colours +Print

Photographed by Tetsumaru Kubota

All credit/rights go to Cocoandcreme

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Estefania Cortes Harker

I found Miss. Harker, originally from Venezuela ...i think) the other day through the wonders of Google. I get really inspired seeing all the CSM Graduates work because its Untainted + Free + Impulsive + Self-Indulgent which design is all about in its core form. 

This is her graduate collection

Matador (Bull-Fighter) Inspiration

Simple + Effective Photography/Styling

Simple idea executed perfectly

Re-presenting traditional Florals

Having said that the fact that she hasn't blown up and her name can't be found in the vogue designer list makes me realise that it's not all about your talent. 

My Favourite Piece

Perfect balance between Concept + Wearability

Can Easily Be Translated to High Street
Ignorant people will just write this is off as weird or complete nonsense but the consistency of vision from piece shows that there is obviously a very strong concept behind the work.

she's probably working under some designer name in Europe who she equals or surpasses in creative flair but oh well...such is life

Monday, 16 May 2011

Snippet From Fab Magazine

100th Post I giveaways though. I'm looking for a job so I can deck my wardrobe out. I was on Brick Lane Sunday just gone I only took a couple bit and bobs but half my wardrobe shouldn't belong to me any longer.

But that's a whole 'nother post- COMING SOON

For now here's some styling from FAB magazine.

Oh! Africa

She looks like someone you might see in Coming To America? Non?

Not that particular woman per say, but you know what I mean right?

This model is amazing- Guetan ELito @ D1 Models

I want one of these hats

I like the work as a photograph as well as for styling which is always a Bonus.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Brick Lane Street Style

My friend Ntando & I were on Brick lane one Sunday casually (I was bonding with my camera) we we're also with his tourist cousin from canada who had the american version of my camera. 

It was quite a nice day so I thought I would take some street style photographs. 

Ntando in OBEY

Pretending he knows anything at al about film camera and the like

Ntando's Bag from Ghana

Guy in the middle said he was a model?

I was impressed with this one

I Love My Life As A ...

Guy In Black Kinda Looks like Tinie?

Illegal Transactions?


In the hustle and bustle of things I though I would rather not stop people but catch the right moment whilst they were on their way to where ever. 

Friday, 13 May 2011

L.A Gear

I went to an Open Mic Night near Whitechapel Gallery last week and as my mind was wondering around the pub during the not-so-talented acts I saw this L.A Gear advert up on the back wall from the projector screen. 

I only got a glimpse of a girl with some trainers on looking all devil may care on some steps. Reminded me of a friend of mine. 

I don't understand where this all went? 

                                                                                                                               Elvis' Daughter 

 He's Nigerian. Watch him on youtube 


Pretty much Amazing- Look like some Sophomores from Clueless

Performance + Fashion

 L.A Gear

He's now a Crack Addict somewhere in the Bay Area

Yeah, so pretty cool? Non? You don't get adverts as good or as cheesy as this anymore. Shame really but someone else will probably be saying the same thing about the adverts now in 10 years time. So the cycle continues.

Here's some more from Hakeem