Friday, 13 May 2011

L.A Gear

I went to an Open Mic Night near Whitechapel Gallery last week and as my mind was wondering around the pub during the not-so-talented acts I saw this L.A Gear advert up on the back wall from the projector screen. 

I only got a glimpse of a girl with some trainers on looking all devil may care on some steps. Reminded me of a friend of mine. 

I don't understand where this all went? 

                                                                                                                               Elvis' Daughter 

 He's Nigerian. Watch him on youtube 


Pretty much Amazing- Look like some Sophomores from Clueless

Performance + Fashion

 L.A Gear

He's now a Crack Addict somewhere in the Bay Area

Yeah, so pretty cool? Non? You don't get adverts as good or as cheesy as this anymore. Shame really but someone else will probably be saying the same thing about the adverts now in 10 years time. So the cycle continues.

Here's some more from Hakeem

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