Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Estefania Cortes Harker

I found Miss. Harker, originally from Venezuela ...i think) the other day through the wonders of Google. I get really inspired seeing all the CSM Graduates work because its Untainted + Free + Impulsive + Self-Indulgent which design is all about in its core form. 

This is her graduate collection

Matador (Bull-Fighter) Inspiration

Simple + Effective Photography/Styling

Simple idea executed perfectly

Re-presenting traditional Florals

Having said that the fact that she hasn't blown up and her name can't be found in the vogue designer list makes me realise that it's not all about your talent. 

My Favourite Piece

Perfect balance between Concept + Wearability

Can Easily Be Translated to High Street
Ignorant people will just write this is off as weird or complete nonsense but the consistency of vision from piece shows that there is obviously a very strong concept behind the work.

she's probably working under some designer name in Europe who she equals or surpasses in creative flair but oh well...such is life

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