Friday, 6 May 2011

Fashion for Show- The Deviant

Last week Thursday I had to the opportunity to venture to Newland street to see some former class mates present the second in a series of Fashion Shows

I happened to model in the last one....zooooop!

Back on topic, the event was extremely successful showcasing works from students from Ravensbourne To Central Saint martins. Womenswear To Menswear
Weird To wonderful etc.

Timothy Forge
Audrey Jade Littman

Audrey Jade Littman


Directly Above Magdalena Gustafsson 

Pauline Edvall
 Pauline Edvall below              Robbert Gatonye D1 models below

Model Larry from ImTheOnlyOneOnMyStreet


Sara Arnesen
Sara Arnesen

                    Sara Arnesen of Less Is Bore 

One of my favourite pieces from the show

Lisette Norrby left & above

Lisette Norrby

Another one of my favourite pieces above

The Designers

For more pictures including backstage photos & songs + more information about the show go to 

You can keep up-to-date with some of the above designers at the website 

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