Sunday, 29 January 2012

Hackney Central D.I.Y SHOOT

(i.e The most dangerous/risky shoot of my life)

Imagine me in a estate in the middle of Hackney with a camera, tripod, swollen ankle, black nails, bike, bag of accessories and best of all a kilt.


Bowler Hat-Brick Lane
Double Breasted Blazer-Peckham charity shop
Sleevless Hoody-Armani Jeans-
Necklace -Ebay
Black Turtle Neck-Charity Shop
Tartan Kilt-Camden
Black Skinny Jeans-H&M
Nike Socks-Outlet Store
DIY Creepers-Camden 

 Anyhow I was there for a good hour or so experimenting/playing with my life. 

These took a good couple hours to sort, edit and organise. Suffer for your art an' all that.

P.s Check out the stupidity I got up to whilst we were apart Here.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Next Phase

So I was attempting to sell the majority of my wardrobe on Ebay (free Listing last weekend). I've just been making do with most of it anyway. 

I want to empty and refill my wardrobe basically

I had realised I didn't want to be judged on the clothes I wore...... that lasted a week. 

Doing what I was calling 'tramp chic'. I just felt like blending in for a bit.

Those are my DIY vans. I can't remember whether I did a post on that or not?

Right so I just checked and it seems I didn't. That will be up soon. 

Is anyone on twitter? 

This has resulted in 'suppression of expression' and me questioning why I would ever want to blend in when I'm clearly not like 'The majority'. So yeah tomorrow I'm gonna do the Damn Thang. I'll update you soon. Meanwhile check me out...

Sword Of Democles

I did this in photo booth and then photoshopped some stuff together. Good? Non?

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Breakdown

I think the main reason for my absence is the fact I haven't really done anything too interesting recently.

I've mostly been lazing around London College of Fashion pretending to do work to disguise my ogling the girls. 

Pray for me.

Anyhow I did a shoot today with the photographer Alis Peleschi which should be up soon. She's got a tumblr full of her work.

My hairs growing longer. Might post a picture of that.

Soon? Maybe

I've decided to refine my wardrobe because I'v realised I can't just wear what looks good on me. I need to wear what reflects my personal taste. Very pretentious thoughts. I know.




I need a job. 

If you don't want to wait too long till I get myself back into gear. 
.....Oh no ones waiting?

Sad Times.

Well,  check out my newest tumblr out of pity: 

Richard kolapo

& if you happen to have one too forward me your tumblrs also.