Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Next Phase

So I was attempting to sell the majority of my wardrobe on Ebay (free Listing last weekend). I've just been making do with most of it anyway. 

I want to empty and refill my wardrobe basically

I had realised I didn't want to be judged on the clothes I wore...... that lasted a week. 

Doing what I was calling 'tramp chic'. I just felt like blending in for a bit.

Those are my DIY vans. I can't remember whether I did a post on that or not?

Right so I just checked and it seems I didn't. That will be up soon. 

Is anyone on twitter? 

This has resulted in 'suppression of expression' and me questioning why I would ever want to blend in when I'm clearly not like 'The majority'. So yeah tomorrow I'm gonna do the Damn Thang. I'll update you soon. Meanwhile check me out...

Sword Of Democles

I did this in photo booth and then photoshopped some stuff together. Good? Non?

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