Saturday, 19 February 2011

Fashion & Poetry.....

Fashion and Poetry on one blog? 

Well, in all honestly I'm not interested in your opinion, so let's proceed. Basically.....Colourless Chameleon is about exposing and concealing different facets of yourself etc.. So this is just another outlet for creativity and self-expression

Concrete Stars

Hells destruction smashed up cars
An eclipse of vision leaves no light
Concrete stars
Babylon's journey to hell is smoother
Than a baby's bottom
The innocent and righteous
Left by the way side
Lost and forgotten
How long is it gonna take you to see the signs?
Society in its entirety
They control the mind
I've got enough love for the both of us
But the Lord loved us both first
So I guess it's In God We Trust
We cant see the light no more
We can't even see the light no more
It's a shame we can see the light no more

Concrete stars



Monday, 14 February 2011

My first T shirt

What's happened here is I went to Tooting and bought some Henna Ink and a turban ( Basically 1 metre squared of black fabric) but the Sikh man gave me stretch fabric and far too little of it.

Henna Ink

Broadway Market

I asked him twice (2 times) if it would be enough to cover my head and he nodded. M@dness!

I think this is a clear case of him thinking I was disrespecting his religion?

So Being the Creative person that I am I decided to take the horrible fabric and make a t shirt idea i've had in my head for a while.

Draping the style on the mannequin....didn't work

The Rank fabric

Chain Swang

My New Creepers
& Finally The T-shirt

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Sebastien Suave

I've seen Sebastien in so many editorials, websites, promotions etc. I feel if i met him we could chat casually as if we were high school buddies. But were not. Having said that he looks quite similar to someone who I was good friends with in Year 11. 


Agree? Trim his hair a little bit?

P.S Maybe I should be a model scout

He models for Premier and his obvious selling point is his slightly bulbous lips.

Height: 6'2"
Chest: 40
Waist: 33
Men Shoe: 12
Hair: Lt Brown
Eyes: Blue

Asger Juel larsen

Graduated from The MA Course at London College of Fashion a few years back....I think and has ever sinced caused a rukkas amongst the fashion pack.

Although LCF's Class of 2009 was strangely low on menswear Asger Juel Larsen shone through with his take on modern chain mail and has left a lasting impression. Inspired by the Medieval period Larsen created a modern adaption of armour by producing 'futuristic' ideas of chain mail using alternative materials such as leather, PVC and rubber cords


Heres why...



Thursday, 10 February 2011

Mock Burberry Shoot

A group of fashion foundation students asked me to model in there Mock Burberry PhotoShoot with a friend that intended to bring out a femininity to men and a more masculine or androgynous side to women. They made use of blazers, suitcases, bowler hats, fur throws and the like to create the following:

Not edited by me

Styling: Anjelicah, Georgia
Photography: Alex cowburn
Edited: Omogbolahan Kolapo-Ajala without permission(myself)

They also managed to predict the future as Burberry are now using 'ethnic' models or black people as we refer to ourselves as in their newest campaign ...and its by the seashore.

Sacha M'Baye (Select) + Jourdan Dunn (Women)

Jourdan got scouted out of Primark in Hammersmith

Someone who works for Burberry added me about a week after this shoot and my heart stopped for a bit, but then realised she hadn't "scouted" me as such. Had merely  found me on the London College of Fashion group on Facebook.