Saturday, 19 February 2011

Fashion & Poetry.....

Fashion and Poetry on one blog? 

Well, in all honestly I'm not interested in your opinion, so let's proceed. Basically.....Colourless Chameleon is about exposing and concealing different facets of yourself etc.. So this is just another outlet for creativity and self-expression

Concrete Stars

Hells destruction smashed up cars
An eclipse of vision leaves no light
Concrete stars
Babylon's journey to hell is smoother
Than a baby's bottom
The innocent and righteous
Left by the way side
Lost and forgotten
How long is it gonna take you to see the signs?
Society in its entirety
They control the mind
I've got enough love for the both of us
But the Lord loved us both first
So I guess it's In God We Trust
We cant see the light no more
We can't even see the light no more
It's a shame we can see the light no more

Concrete stars



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