Thursday, 10 February 2011

Mock Burberry Shoot

A group of fashion foundation students asked me to model in there Mock Burberry PhotoShoot with a friend that intended to bring out a femininity to men and a more masculine or androgynous side to women. They made use of blazers, suitcases, bowler hats, fur throws and the like to create the following:

Not edited by me

Styling: Anjelicah, Georgia
Photography: Alex cowburn
Edited: Omogbolahan Kolapo-Ajala without permission(myself)

They also managed to predict the future as Burberry are now using 'ethnic' models or black people as we refer to ourselves as in their newest campaign ...and its by the seashore.

Sacha M'Baye (Select) + Jourdan Dunn (Women)

Jourdan got scouted out of Primark in Hammersmith

Someone who works for Burberry added me about a week after this shoot and my heart stopped for a bit, but then realised she hadn't "scouted" me as such. Had merely  found me on the London College of Fashion group on Facebook.

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  1. Really loving all the outfits in those shoots...x