Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Kit Neale 3rd Year Fashion Design

I was asked by a third year menswear student to model for his critique at Ravensbourne University which then turned into a full Shoot in and around Utrophia in Deptford. Very spontaneous photoshoot. I was wearing a PVC skin tight lemon print around Deptford  in broad daylight. Madness. 

Scarf estimated at £500+


PVC + Lace

The Junkyard
Photographer: Gemma
Designer: Kit Neale
Model: Omogbolahan Kolapo-Ajala
We were in a race against light as we started just after 3 O'Clock.

I got paid in magazines... 3 Arena Homme's to be specific, Im such a mug. On the + side was also introduced to another junk yard near Lewisham station that had some interesting bits+ and bobs.

This experience has tought me to negotiate payment in punds, dollars or Yen before the shoot. To avoid an awkward situation. 


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