Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Wish List

A s a Designer and as a young man there certain things a boy no a Man (Notice the Capital M) begins to desire here is the first few of the ever growing lis:

1. Naturally a sewing Machine.

This Brother Innov -IS 50 should fit the bill quite nicely. Don't know what the -Is stands for but nevertheless. It's yours for a little less than £400 (£399) and can embroiders letters not to mention its capability of over 130 stiches

2. A customized bike.

Don't get me wrong I'd rather customize it myself! but you know Time is of the essence and if i find something that fills the bill I'm going to beg for it...or pay

Doc Martens

Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Here are some new musicians and artists I've found out about who are well on there way to being in my Nokia's Most Played:

Flying Lotus Check him out on Youtube

Lil Wayne Remix

Little Dragon

Favourite Song Twice

Immortal Technique
Old School Rap

Zapp & Rogers

Favourite song I want to be your man

Burberry Prorsum Menswear SS 2010

I don't know If anyones else has noticed this but Christopher Bailey has switched his style up for his SS 2010 Menswear Collection. Well, finally I guess. I can't speak on behalf of his Womenswear line which Im less concerned about but there are some comparitively "edgy" looks in there. We rarely see the Trench in creme and the shirt in white Mr. Bailey has opted for leather staright of an animals back. I never knew he had it in him

Here are some pictures:

I mean were still seeing different interpretations of the formula thats always keeps rave reviews for Burberry but he's definitely putting his stamp on the label rather just carrying it on!

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Items I'm looking at!

So the Nike SB Blazer seen a few Kool Ctas wearing them which is why im trying to get soem sent over from Orlando apparently thats where you can get all the exclusive SB'S.

Colourways are at least 15+

These are literally like Couture Vans. Coming in at £120 pretty hefty price but if you wanna be ahead of the game you have to be willing to put red to your name ( that is going into red with your bank)

I found these on a website im quite sceptical about soem of there prices are actually a bit too cheap to be legitamate but nevertheless there perfect for winter in a colour that will hold its own with most jeans or trousers around £55 i think.

Website: www.hishops.co.uk

Check it out!

Ebay and Oki-Ni

Please dont step in my lane i'm a certified Ebay Bidder for the right item I'll outbid anyone. I have no respect for whoever you are. Im currently clocking up around 5 hours a day scouring the archives for some nice products.

Ive also been looking at Oki-Ni (Oki-Ni.com) trying to see what i might purchase in the coming months. Any who I don't really think anyone is reading this blog but it still serves as an outlet for my Fillins (Feelings)