Saturday, 3 July 2010

Ebay and Oki-Ni

Please dont step in my lane i'm a certified Ebay Bidder for the right item I'll outbid anyone. I have no respect for whoever you are. Im currently clocking up around 5 hours a day scouring the archives for some nice products.

Ive also been looking at Oki-Ni ( trying to see what i might purchase in the coming months. Any who I don't really think anyone is reading this blog but it still serves as an outlet for my Fillins (Feelings)


  1. I've just started following myself

  2. Oh, I know how you feel!you have too many thoughts that you need to express somewhere/somehow...blogging is a nice way to do this although noone seems to read your blog...I think people often give up blogging then, but you gotta keep doing it and after a while you'll get more and more readers ;)
    anyway, I just wanted to remark that it's always good to insert a hyperlink when writing about other homepages...(so readers can just click on the name and get to the page) ...well I think it's easier then copy&paste the url ^^
    I hope you found some nice items on ebay!What were you looking for?x

  3. Wow! someone read my page.Thanks for the advice. I think even if I don't have many followers I'll be able to look back on all my thought's and ideas after a while. On Ebay I was looking for anything acid wash, some bags and rings!