Sunday, 10 October 2010

Fashion Illustration

Found some fashion Illustration on my Blogger USB (yes a USB for blogging). I collect so many images it just helps to keep things organised.

Bruno Frissoni + Eclectic Pallette

Givenchy? One of my favourite nonetheless

Bee Stung Lips

Romanctic + Vulnerable & Sinister

I've also developed some new interests like architecture and Fashion interiors so expect some new material.
Just remembered to say thanks to all the people that are following ColourlessChameleon I really appreciate as well as those who've taken the time to leave comments!

P.S Due to unforseen recent events I've decided to get an earing in my LEFT ear. Not the stud/or little diamond ones the small loop earrings a la Labrinth or Neyo. On the condition I get 20 followers.

This just keeps me motivated to keep at the blogging.


  1. love the illustrations.. so lovely.
    wish i could sketch.

    hope u get 20 followers soon.