Saturday, 9 April 2011

Textiles Elective

On the Fashion courses at Ravensbourne every student has to partake in an elective in which they're able to sample a different pathway the choices being

: Menswear
:Fashion Promotion
& Textiles

I changed from Menswear to Textiles as textiles is a big part of my 'Aesthetic' as people say. Anyway, I failed regardless of the fact that my tutor Jenny Udale took a liking to them I didn't hand everything required which meant resubmission.

Here's some of the RESEARCH

Not incredibly cohesive but...

here's a couple of the PRINTS
& one of the FINAL PRESENTATIONs I did

Experimenting with shapes on a trouser silhouette 


Grade: F- or something but life goes on

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