Sunday, 10 April 2011

Innovation Project

Recently, on my fashion design course we were given a project where we were told to be INNOVATIVE? Imagine?  Shouldn't we be doing so anyway? Enough rhetorical questions!

The Project was called 'The Shock of The New' you could either chose to be innovative or to shock. So people chose deformation, disease, transexuals etc. 

I chose Slavery as a theme. I was going to investigate how the modern black man ( business man)has lost his sense of purpose and has no grounding away from his roots in Africa. 


Linking pin stripes with whips and chains/cufflinks jewellery with the gold taken from Africa. Interesting? Non?

Colin (my tutor) thought it was a bit cliche
clich√© but I knew my innovative approach would avoid that. I'd already bought £10 worth of rope so I'm not changing the design direction.

I also looked for coffee bean sacks to give a rough worn look but no luck in Soho in any of the coffee shops so I had to buy some brand new from The Cloth House.

We also had to do a photo shoot at the end which went so-so considering the amateur photographer (my cousin) and the facilities that were available (the great outdoors) 

so here's here's best three

Front View

Back View
& some extras

1/2 outfit 1/2 casuals

The Stylist/photographer/ Assistant/Cousin

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