Thursday, 26 August 2010

Crazy Ass Sunday

 Sunday = a crazy ass day to say the least.  I'm just wondering what the world's coming to?

Well, enough craziness for one day anyway..

Firstly I go to Brick Lane after church just noseing through, passing time until my train comes at 4 past every hour (at least that's what I thought)and I find these crazy-dreadlocked-homeless-trolly-pushing men forcing there way through the packed crowd announcing "dead man walking". Seriously, I felt like I needed to go and sit on the curb and try and take it all in. Who the hell are these guys?

Secondly, I'm walking back from Beyond Retro, which I actually never find worth trekking off Brick Lane to, and a photographer approaches me and say the usual " I love your style". Im thinking oh kay fair enough he was well dressed after all.We exchange numbers whilst he small talks me about how much he likes my jumper. Nothing too out of the ordinary there you might mumble to yourself? Well as I was about to leave he referres me to his website,

Photographer- Sean Hickey, H-I-C-K-EY got it? Type that into google and you'll find my websites"

Me- Yeah

Matter of factly speaking it was a blog. Here's the link, actually no do what I did type Sean Hickey into google
Wait for this craziness...

 I should have told him I just came from CHURCH. Ye Church with Christ and God and things of that nature.

This guy is trying to turn me into one of his B*tches (Forgive me Lord). I honestly do not know what the hell he was thinking

Then thirdly as if this stuff wasnt enough I'm looking though who this photographer guy is and I find a Vicar has married a Nigerian male model, going by the name of Bobby Egbele,

This was like the tenth picture i saw of him that made me realsie i'd seen him before.

At Alternative Fashion Week in Spitafields Market.

Then I do some research and realise it's not him. Woomph! that was close but it just adds to the craziness of the day really

Apparently the vicar is more than 40/50 yers younger. He looks about 18 right? 58 years old vicar and 18 year old teenager...

Check him out though

1 comment:

  1. Hello

    My name is Rayon Rashid

    Goggle that name and get your info correct.

    I'm not from Nigeria
    And I don't know what crazy Priest or Pope you're talking about
    I'm not 18 and I'm not married
    Happily single and concentrating on my Engineering studies and Modelling.

    So I'm asking you to take my picture off your attention seeking Blog

    Or I think the next time we speak
    You'll be talking to my lawyers .