Sunday, 9 October 2011

Quick D.I.Y

I did this about a week ago about 5minutes after i'd seen it on another blog that I was so quick to jump off i can't even remember the address.

ah found it Sade-Cho. <<

Back to the point we should never slay a fellow blogger.....right?

So 3 Steps

Step 1: Get a t-shirt (Crappy Bench one in this case) it might as well be something with a really nice fit or cut. 

Step 2: Lay your t shirt down on a surface that won't stain. Then take a spray bottle that will disperse your (bleach mixed with water) solution evenly when you spray.

It's best to spray 3 times over like 15mins to let the effects take place (show up) before deciding where you might want to spray next.

Step 3: Then if you like you can rub your finger over the big blotches so they smear and as this girl said looks like stars.

Dunno about that but..

yeah then you're practically done. Be sure to wash it thoroughly before letting it dry and putting it on.

Speaking of T shirts check me out on VICE doing some 'modelling' for Victoria Sins t- shirt line. She's kinda hot in my opinion.


  1. OMG! I totally destroyed (and not in a good way) a T-shirt yesterday trying to cut it up. I had to throw it away. So I def appreciate this D.I.Y. should do some more because I need some new ways to funk up my T-shirts :)

  2. I'll try to do it! Thank U!!!

  3. AHHHH love this!


  4. This post is perfect and so is your blog!
    I've been a fan for a while now, keep it up :)

    I'm your newest follower

    Maybe you could check out mine and follow if you get time?


  5. guaranteed if i tried doing this i'll mess it up lol. here's an idea; you make more in size 10 and I'll wear them lool. cool blog. I went to the other girls site to check out her's; yours looks better ;) lool. peace x

  6. You killed this! I love it and def will give it a try!

    In response to your comment on my blog: Yeah I collaged that "mash-up" myself ;]

  7. woah that turned out really fucking cool