Monday, 8 November 2010

Dazed & Confused

These images were taken off the website a while back now. I think they were only on there for a weekm or so. But it was fun whilst it lasted.
Im modelling 2 designers pieces at once one is by a knitwear designer whose name I've forgotten (she was very quite). Apologies!

Hot new faces from the London fashion scene come together to bring you FFS "Fashion For Show" A game of Chinese Whispers… Seven designers from around the globe meet for the first time, each bringing with them a different way of life; a different message to share with their audience. But what are the messages that become l...ost in translation? How do the meanings differ as the idea is passed on? Come and find out for yourself at FASHION FOR SHOW.

Andrea Mongenie
Timothy Forge
Pauline Edwall
Sara Arnesén
Magdalena Gustafsson
Lisette Norrby

Designers: Sara Arnesen, Lisette Norrby and The Design Kollectiv

Lisette is doing Menswear at Central Saint Martins. Lucky her.

To contact these creative individuals go to there design Kollectiv website or leave a comment and I'll be your interlink

p.s Does anyone think I look a bit like a woman in some of these??

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