Wednesday, 29 December 2010


Central Saint
Clothes, shoes &Make up.....well kinda

Charity Shop Madness....Fo Sho

Was in my small minded hometown of Braintree and came out from the library on my way home with plans to drain the place of all its resources i'd already been to the single shooping centre and every supermarket which left me with the charity shops and pub's. hmmm not a difficult decision.

Anyway heres what I came out the shop with.

Brooks & Brothers
11-12 years old (Good fit) arms were far too tight

   Banana Republic                 Puritan shirt is this called?
Cut the arms off- Quadraplegic

D.I.Y'd into necklace from 4 chains

The One and Only for £2.99p

Total approx. £23

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  1. you got some great stuff !!! i havent been done charity shop hunting ( thats what i call it looool ) in a while , should really go now :) xoxo