Friday, 3 December 2010

Accidentally, popped into a Braille pop up shop yesterday on my way to Rivington place.

Was so suprised to see half of the design duo sitting behind a Mac laptop (Samuel Kientsch) who is the creative Director behind the brand.

 A very brief conversation ensued in which I found there actually newbies on the Menswear scene and have been progressing very well since there inception thanks to shops like Beyond The Valley.

Anyway cut the long post short I "lied" and said I'd found out about them on the internet which I did but also added I put them on my blog which I did..... but as a draft as i wanted more information to supply before clicking the post button

Well, I guess all is forgive when this has been posted?

Oh! There also showing at LFW so i'll be back to see what there up to

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