Thursday, 23 June 2011

Digital Technology - Final Project

My final project for my first/only year at Ravensbourne was much more productive that I might have imagined. Put simply, the project was to encourage us to explore new ways of presenting our work 'digitally' and take a closer look at branding, competitors etc. Here's some of what i came up with:

Some quick prints using layers and staggering

I named my imaginary brand after Leonard EULER who was a pioneering Swiss mathematician and physician seeing as my project was based around  geometry, physics and the such.

Models taken from RAD Hourani's work
We were told to make a final line-up of 10 pieces which obviously isn't much for a 8 week project but all on illustrator was a joke, Upon 100 design rough in the sketchbook.

You can see it's been rushed a bit because not everything is in proportion etc. but you get the gist


P.S As promised here is my feedback at a C+/B- Grade

'Good verbal breakdown with supporting digital visuals. Strong competitor breakdown. Shockingly bad fabric board. The photoshop documents need to be saved as jpegs for presentation purposes. It is not acceptable for work to be presented as individual files. Digital work must be presented as a finished presentation in appropriate software. Work on this over the summer. Well the very positive thing to note here is that your work has improved dramatically. The standard of your digital work is impressive with very distinctive and original ideas that reflect cutting edge menswear aesthetic. However, time management and organisation/preparation remains an issue for you. The sketchbook is thin in content with no colour exploration. Work hard on addressing the remaining issues over the summer to put yourself at the top of your peer group for your level 2 experience. More content and organisation and consistency of quality!' 

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