Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Daphne Groenveld/Givenchy Resort 2011

As I was perusing through Style.Com for new designers, collections and general inspiration I cam across a look by Givenchy that was only thumbnail sized picture but nevertheless caught my attention becasue of it silhouette and bold colour. Having clicked on the picture I got the option to -view as slideshow- which of course I did but before I could take a closer look at the 1st piece of the collection I was taken back by the model's face. Blonde, slighty sticky out ears, gorgeous complexion and pouty lips!

Taken from

So I decided to do my routine set of screen prints of all the Looks that I like to...

I like anything thats clean, pristine in colour or angular. As well as strong contrasts and this one look pretty much embodies those attributes. I love this style of potography that put more emphasis on the clothese themslves rather than an environment to reflect the clothes. Well....someties anyway. The side parting which I read earlier today is actually the new trend. The white blazer could actually be detachable although I very much doubt it is.

I like this look for pretty much the same reasons as the previous one. It's very definite can i say?  The vertical pleats between the leopard print on the skirt adds to the modernity of the look. Im not sure modernity is a word but y'all know what I mean. The shoes are actually really nice too, it's hard to really describe the style as it's not a big enough pictures but that's something for me to rememer for next time!

Angular + Clean Lines

The shoes could very commercial but the price tag will most likely offend high-street shoppers. I don't know the price if you thought I might do. Look it up yourselves I ain't tryna buy them.

 and finally a photgraph from a Miu Miu campaign taken by Mert & Marcus for FW 2010
 Miss Groenveld would be our lady in yellow on the right. very unique top lip...that's not a normal comment is it but look.

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