Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Some Magazine Work

In my foundation year at London College of Fashion (Fashion Portfolio) we were made to complete different projects including Textiles, photography, photoshop work and pattern cutting. One of the most arduos tasks was making a magazine, filling 100 pages full of articles, interviews, mock-campaigns etc.

I did a little article on Soho which went quite well but were I really came into my element was when I came up with the idea of a photoshoot based around our magazine title "Bound". We got into the studio all three of us 2 models and the photographer Lissete.

I brought loads of belts that collected from people at halls but in the end we found a box full of creme belts in the sewing room 30mins before the photoshoot. I bought some black stretch tights from Primark and a bag of other incongrous elements.

This is what we came up with:

Model Omogbolahan Kolap-Ajala
Photographer: Lisette Norrby
Assistant: Gordan Darling
Make-up Sebastien Kwok


  1. Heya! thanks for the comment, I absolutely love your blog! will def follow :))

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  2. This is very interesting.
    More please.

  3. This turned out really good!! could deff see it on a cover, very professional!