Sunday, 5 September 2010

New Designer

When I say new I mean to me. Finding a new designer is like discovering a long lost sister. You always knew a piece was missing further confirmed by your finding it. Anyway, without further delay allow me to present the designer of the day.

(What a Rhyme)

Tory Burch (Look of The Day)

At first glance it kinda' lloks like a Bape jacket for women but on closer inspection of there latest colection I appear to be mistaken!

Im not going to lie and say I like all the looks but..

Pending---Scanning Style for screenshots

Uhm! Luck would have it I actually don't like this designer at all just the jacket and maybe the shoes.

The collection was said to be inspired by Rajasthan which is a state in India

Her's the link to the slideshow on

The only real positive about this post is th jacket and this photo I found on there website

Put Orange on the right coloured woman and you get FIRE

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